restify(db) – Some Geeky Stuff

by Daniel Chiriţă

It has now been several months since I’ve started working on my latest and greatest project – called restify(db). However, as spare time is always a big challenge, things have progressed really-really slow.

What is this project about? Well, restify(db) is a framework that is able to automatically map databases (from all major database engine providers) to REST web services. The web services can output XML or JSON. It leverages data discovery. It has advanced capabilities as automatic query expansion (joining based on foreign keys), automatic inward references, automatic data discovery, filtering, sorting and out of the box CRUD operations (create, read, update and delete data). Most of these features are used by our demo application built using restify(db). It also features an admin panel which makes configuring it quite easy.

For more information, check out the projects website: restify(db) – Expose your databases as REST web services.

I will soon come back with further details.